Kelly Dill, Guidance

Welcome to the FCHS Guidance page!

On this page, you will find an abundance of resources that can be useful to students grades 9-12, as well as parents.  This information includes:  local, state, and national scholarship information, college and career planning, test prep, financial aid information, course descriptions and registration information, transcript request forms, and pertinent announcements.

Guidance "Remind" for parents and students:

Text 81010
Class of 2016 (Seniors) using this message:  @fchs16
Class of 2017 (Juniors) using this message:  @fchs17
Class of 2018 (Sophomores) using this message:  @fchs2018
Class of 2019 (Freshman) using this message:  @fchs2019

2015-16 Schedule Change Info:
At this time, only Junior and Senior schedules are available.  A Remind message will be sent out when all schedules are available to review and change.  (If you do not receive Mrs. Dill's Remind texts, see the info above to sign up).

If your schedule has a "0" period listed, that means you are taking a high school on-line class.  This is common with those who could not fit a foreign language or Earth Science into his or her schedule.  In addition, any Junior or Senior who requested Spanish 2 will be taking the class on-line due to limited availability.  

Seniors who would like to sign up for the 9th hour work program will need to pick up paperwork during registration in August that must be signed by the employer.  Please do NOT request the work program prior to returning this paperwork to the Guidance Office.

The math department is changing to Common Core integrated math.  Therefore, the names of the math classes have changed.  Please review the following list to ensure that you have been placed in the correct math course.

Algebra I*-Math 1A
Algebra I-Math 1
Geometry-Math 2
Algebra II-Math 3
Basic Geometry-Math 2A (Math teacher recommendation)
Those who just finished Algebra I*-Math 1B
HTK Alg 2/Geometry-Honors Math 1
HTK Alg 3/Trig-Honors Math 2
Pre Calculus-Honors Math 3
College Algebra-College Algebra
Accelerated Geometry-Accelerated Geometry

Before making a schedule change, please review the master schedule attached to the link below VERY CAREFULLY!  The master schedule is divided up into Semester 1 and Semester 2.  Classes are color coded to assist you in knowing what you are eligible to request.  DO NOT simply tell me the course name that you want.  You must match the hour that you have open to the hour that the class appears on the master schedule.  You are not allowed to request a particular teacher, nor change your class to a different hour to be with friends. A tremendous amount of time and effort was placed into making your schedule. Only reasonable schedule change requests will be considered.   
Click on the links below to request a schedule change and view the master schedule:

Trophy Award Cup.png

Scholarship information is frequently added to my "useful links" page...check it often.  You should also check out scholarship search engines such as and  In addition, you should work with your admissions reps at the colleges that you have applied to for info regarding scholarships specific to each school.  Don't miss out on free money!!!!