Martha Demattei

    All students in my mathematics classes are required to bring paper, a writing utensil, textbook, notebook and a calculator to class everyday.  High track classes need to get a graphing calculator (TI84 Silver) as soon as possible.  It is a tool they will use all through high school. It is imperative that the entire class has the same calculator so we can use them effectively in class. All other students need a scientific calculator.  Be certain it is scientific so it will have the trigonometric functions.  I prefer the Texas Instrument TI30-XA.  The cost is from $10 to $12.  
    Homework will be checked everyday.  Points are usually based on completion only.  This means to get full credit the assignment must be completed on time, work is shown for each problem and all problems are completed.  Some asignments may be graded for a quiz grade.  This is a motivation to insure students do their best on every assignment.  Homework, in my opinion, is to be used as a learning tool so students have an opportunity to ask questions when they don't understand a concept.  I don't want to punish them for not immediately comprehending new material. 
    My preparation period is eighth hour, the last period of the day.  If you are having concerns please call and leave a message and I will call you when I am not teaching class.  Also, you may call the school office and set up an appointment to come in and see me.  I always appreciate hearing from and meeting my student's parents/guardians.
    Tutoring is available Monday through Friday during eighth hour only for those students who do not have practice or do not have an eighth hour class.  After school tutoring is available Monday through Thursday.  If none of these times works for your child, please have them talk to me to see if we can make other arrangements.  Sometimes a small amount of one-on-one time will make a huge improvement in grades.