Donellyn Dean

Hi!  I am Donellyn Dean.  I teach Math 2 (sophomores) and Hi-Track Math 2 (freshmen) at Frankfort Community High School. They are both common core.  This is my 12th year teaching at the high school level with it being my seventh as a Redbird.  I help with American Education Week, Red Ribbon Week co-chairman, serve on the council for National Honor Society and Discipline Committee, lunch tutoring everyday, and do after school detention. I am a sponsor of the Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Class of 2019.  

During my college career, I attended SIU-C for my Bachelor's degree (2005), received my Master's degree from Rockford University (2007) and hold 24 hours past my Masters through Lourde's University.

Let it be known I am the proudest mommy to my *adorable* daughter who is 4 and am an aunt to a *precious* nephew.  My free time is always, always, always spent with them.  :) 

I check email daily and welcome your questions, comments, concerns, well wishes, etc.  Feel free to email me at  I love teaching at FCHS as it is always a great day to be a Redbird! 

If your child is having trouble in my class, please have them talk to me and set up a tutoring time.  I have extra problems that can be worked out and checked for mastery of any topic discussed in class. 

My schedule is as follows:
1st hour:  Junior Homeroom
2nd hour:  Hi-Track Math 2
3rd hour:  Math 2
4th hour:  Math 2
5th hour:  Math 2
6th hour:  Lunch
7th hour:  Prep
8th hour:  Hi-Track Math 2
9th hour:  Math 2

You can follow me on Twitter
@donellyn1 for updates on class instruction, bonus opportunities, or anything else going on in my class!  Our district also encourages you to search our district hashtag which is #wfredbirds for anything related to all of our schools in District 168.