Donellyn Dean

Hi!  I am Donellyn Dean.  I teach Math 2 (sophomores) and Hi-Track Math 2 (freshmen) at Frankfort Community High School. They are both common core.  This is my 12th year teaching at the high school level with it being my seventh as a Redbird.  I help with American Education Week, Red Ribbon Week co-chairman, serve on the council for National Honor Society and Discipline Committee, lunch tutoring everyday, and do after school detention. I am a sponsor of the Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Class of 2019.  

During my college career, I attended SIU-C for my Bachelor's degree (2005), received my Master's degree from Rockford University (2007) and hold 24 hours past my Masters through Lourde's University.

Let it be known I am the proudest mommy to my *adorable* daughter who is 5 and am an aunt to a *precious* nephew, along with another nephew on the way!  My free time is always, always, always spent with them.  :) 

I check email daily and welcome your questions, comments, concerns, well wishes, etc.  Feel free to email me at  I love teaching at FCHS as it is always a great day to be a Redbird! 

If your child is having trouble in my class, please have them talk to me and set up a tutoring time.  I have extra problems that can be worked out and checked for mastery of any topic discussed in class. For every day of absence the student is allowed one day to make up missing work.  After that, the zero for the assignment stays.  It is the student's responsibility to get the make up work from me and turn it in by the above said date.

My schedule is as follows:
1st hour:  Junior Homeroom
2nd hour:  Hi-Track Math 2
3rd hour:  Math 2
4th hour:  Math 2
5th hour:  Math 2
6th hour:  Lunch
7th hour:  Prep
8th hour:  Hi-Track Math 2
9th hour:  Math 2