Elizabeth Robinson
 Elizabeth Robinson.  I've been teaching at FCHS since August of 2005.  I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and I attended Saint Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, where I majored in French and minored in Historical Perspectives.  I teach French I through IV at FCHS. I sponsor the French Club, the Board Game Club, the European Travel Group, and co-direct the  Spring Musical.

Madame Robinson

Twitter: @lizrobinson826
email: erobinson@wfschools.org
phone: 618.932.3126 ext. 175

FCHS Spring Musical: Shrek
March 13-15, 2020

First, we'd like to thank everyone who auditioned. It's going to be a great show, and we're incredibly excited.  We do have a few openings remaining, so if you have a friend that didn't audition but wants to join us, have them talk to me.   Also, if your name is not on here and you auditioned, please email me. I will be away from my phone this weekend, but available through email.  With so many kids, I always accidentally omit someone.  It was entirely inadvertent.  We had great auditions, and it was a difficult decision, but we're ready to make this the best show in FCHS history.  Our first rehearsal will be 6:30-7:45 in the band room on Tuesday December 10.  And now, without further ado....

FCHS Spring Musical 2020

Cast List:

In order of Appearance:

Shrek: Johnny Mize

Young Shrek: Jayden Sanders

Young Fiona: Maggie Robinson

Mama Ogre: Makayla Flannigan

Papa Ogre: TBD

Fiona (Human): Presley Yeager

Fiona (Ogre): Allaina Webb

King Harold: Michael Velazquez

Queen Lillian: Sophia Simonis

Captain of the Guard: Ashtin Swann

Pinocchio: Nick Steinberger

White Rabbit: Dayanara Degler

Fairy Godmother: Sophia Simonis

Peter Pan: Noah Boner

Ugly Duckling: Kayla Curwick

Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy: Anna Hultz

3 pigs: Michael Velazquez, Greg McKane, Hunter Loeh

3 blind mice: Emma Goforth, Addy Blankenship, Finley Willmore

Humpty Dumpty: Shelbie Arrington

Big Bad Wolf: Jared Melvin

Tweedle: Rachel McLerren

Witch: Callie Tyler

Mama Bear: Megan Drennon

Baby Bear: SavannaIreland

Mad Hatter: Emma Gass

Cheshire Cat: Eden LaFour

Shoemaker’s Elf: Grace Veschusio

Donkey: Nathan Birchler

Lord Farquaad: Cameron Wyatt

Thelonius: Johnny Tindall

Greeter: TBD

Teen Fiona: Emma Goforth, Addy Blankenship, Finley Willmore (one night each)

Dragon: Amy Zhao (head), Morgan Gunter (wing), Eden LaFour (wing), Megan Drennon (tail)

Bluebird: Rachel McLerren

Pied Piper: Noah Boner

Bishop: TBD

Grumpy: Xander Pitt

Duloc Dancers: Johnny Tindall, Hunter Loeh, Greg McKane, Jared Melvin, Michael Velazquez, Sophia Simonis, Allaina Webb, Eden Lafour, Callie Tyler, Makayla Flannigan

Dancing Rats: SavannaIreland , Maggie Robinson, Finley Willmore, Addy Blankenship, Hunter Loeh, Xander Pitt, Colten Murrow, Emma Goforth

Dancing Skeletons: Jared Melvin, Johnny Tindall, Ashtin Swann Again, congratulations. We're so pumped to work with you.