Tara Sullivan

sullivan Mrs. Tara Sullivan

Hello, my name is Tara Sullivan and I teach English 2 Composition and Literature, English 1 Advanced, as well as Journalism.  I have worked at FCHS since 2005, and was previously employed by Rend Lake College.  I received my teaching degree in 1996 from Southern Illinois University and then received my Master's in English in 2011 and a Master's in Educational Administration in 2016.  In addition to my teaching duties at FCHS, I also coach Scholastic Bowl and am the sponsor for the class of 2020.

Summer Reading for Advanced Placement

Please follow the link for guidelines and materials to benefit incoming freshmen interested in placement in Advanced English.

English 2 Composition

This course builds on the improvement of writing skills through grammar review, pre-writing techniques and revision processes. Students will also work on vocabulary building and will read independently in order to be able to write about a text.

English 2 Literature

This course is designed to build reading fluency and comprehension skills in Sophomore students.  Some of the concepts on which the course will focus are: Irony, Theme, Character and Tone.  Required readings will include, but are not limited to: Night by Elie Wiesel, "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare, "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allen Poe, and several other short stories and non-fiction works.

English 1 Advanced

This course focuses on the training of upper level students to read and write fluently for college preparation. Writing skills will be taught through grammar review, close examination of exemplar written texts and the study of the writing process. Students will be required to read independently in order to be prepared for in-class discussion and assignments. This course should not be easy for any student, but with application, every advanced student can succeed.   

English 1 Composition Standard

This course will introduce students to the writing process.  Students will write a variety of types of essays, will read two novels independently, will participate in vocabulary and word study and will understand the concepts of grammar which pertain to their own writing.


Follow this link to access weekly coursework for the 2017-18 journalism class.