Jeri Shaw

Jeri Shaw
Junior Composition
Junior Literature
Junior Composition Advanced (weighted)
Junior Literature Advanced (weighted)
Movie Analysis

Mrs. Shaw

Hello!  My name is Jeri Shaw.  I am currently in my 13th year at FCHS.  I teach Junior Composition and Literature, Weighted Junior Composition and Literature, and Movie Analysis. When offered, I also teach Novels.  I am co-sponsor of NHS and co-sponsor of the Class of 2020.

Prior to teaching at FCHS I spent two years in the Sesser-Valier school district teaching 6th, 7th, and 10th grade English.  

I have a bachelor's degree from SIU-C in English for Secondary Education with an endorsement in Speech.  I also have a master's degree from SIU-C in English.

I am originally from Murphysboro, Illinois but I have lived in Benton, Illinois for 21 years.  My husband is Christopher Shaw of Benton, and I have two children, Cristen and Jared.  When I am not working with my students I enjoy doing all things family!  

Current Courses:
English III Literature:
English III Literature gives a chronological overview of American authors and literature to show the relationship of the author to the historical time period.  It is a survey course, with emphasis given to the major American poets and writers who recorded the problems, transitions, growth, and development of America from the Puritan Era to the 20th Century.
    PREREQUISITE: Completion of Literature I and II with passing grades

English III Composition:
English III Composition is a junior level course with an emphasis on research writing skills and assignments, included but not limited to analysis, persuasive writing, and logic.  Continued improvement of grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary skills are taught through composition writing throughout the semester.  Students will learn MLA writing format throughout the semester.  All major papers, including the final research paper, are required to be typed in MLA format.  Test-taking skills will be taught to prepare students to take college entrance exams.  This course also has an independent reading component.
PREREQUISITE:  Completion of Composition I and II with passing grades

Advanced (weighted) series:
The Advanced Junior English series are weighted courses designed for the student who excels in the area of English.  These courses should help prepare students who plan to take English IV (A.P.) their senior year.  Students in these courses will be challenged with more critical reading and writing tasks.  Students will be required to read and study a classic novel and should expect out-of-class reading assignments.  Higher order thinking skills will be emphasized through the use of both individual and group tasks.

Movie Analysis
This is an elective course open to juniors and seniors.  Students will become critics while exploring various genres of movies.  Students will experience movies ranging from silent film to musicals. Technology skills will be challenged as students will create their own movie trailers or "top 10" videos.