Elizabeth Robinson
 Elizabeth Robinson.  I've been teaching at FCHS since August of 2005.  I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and I attended Saint Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, where I majored in French and minored in Historical Perspectives.  I teach French I through IV at FCHS. I sponsor the French Club, the Board Game Club, the European Travel Group, and co-direct the  Spring Musical.

Madame Robinson

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
April 12-14, 2019
I wanted to thank all of you for auditioning this year.  We had lots of great auditions, and I'm very excited for rehearsals to start.  If you didn't get what you want, it was not because you had a rough audition, but because this year, you got beat. If for some reason you choose to resign your part, I need to know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Be a grown-up and tell me that you've chosen to leave the show.  Our first group rehearsal will be Thursday, January 17th from 7-9 pm. Rehearsals will be Mondays from 4-6 , and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9. Children's choir will meet only on Mondays at this time. Also, I am notorious for accidentally leaving people off the cast list.  If I have done that, email me at erobinson@wfschools.org.  I'll fix it asap. 

And now, without further ado...

Narrator - Bailee Wilson
Joseph - Cooper Barrett (understudy - Alex Dossett)
Jacob - Johnny Mize
Reuben - Alex Dossett (1 more Angel in Heaven)
Simeon - Marshall Bernhard (Those Caanan Days)
Levi - Brett Gunter
Naphtali - Aiden Woods
Issachar - Michael Velasquez
Asher - Selena Santillan
Dan - Nathan Birchler
Zebulon - Kalijah Mateycak 
Gad - Xander Edginton
Benjamin - Nick Steinberger
Judah - Jimmy Drennon (Benjamin Calypso)
Potiphar - Johnny Mize
Mrs. Potiphar - Sarah Levanti
Butler - Presley Yeager
Baker - Dottie Flener
Pharoah - Nathan Birchler

Sarah Levanti (One More Angel in Heaven)
Sophia Simonis (Apache Dancer)
Megan Drennon
Grace Walen
Presley Yeager
Dottie Flener
Kiera Davie
Callie Tyler
Haley Thompson
Arilyn Sloan
Allaina Webb

Potiphar's Entourage:
Sophia Simonis
Grace Walen
Kiera Davie
Allaina Webb
Megan Drennon
Dottie Flener
Haley Thompson

Pharoah's Entourage:
Marshall Bernhard
Jimmy  Drennon
Adin Woods
Michael Velasquez
Sophia Simonis
Callie Tyler
Sarah Levanti
Allaina Webb

Children's Chorus:
Heaven Robbins
Finley Willmore
Rebecca Hannell
Savanna Ireland McPhail-Cash
Aleah Davidson
Maggie Robinson
Amelia Baldwin
Lillian Irvan
Emma Goforth
Serenity Sloat
Amaya Wilson
Xavier Silva
Peyton Sloat

(I know there are a few more children in the chorus, but I'm missing some names)

If I left you off, please email me and I will fix it.  It happens every year, and I always feel like a jerk.  Please forgive me. Also, if I misspelled your name let me know.
See you Thursday!