Amanda Neibch

My name is Mrs. Amanda Neibch

Mrs. Amanda Neibch

I am looking forward to meeting you and learning about you, so I will first share a little information about me. I am a native of West Frankfort, and after receiving a Bachelor of Science in English from SIU-Carbondale in 2001, I taught at Mt. Vernon Township High School from 2001-2005. I then returned to my Alma mater to teach 12th grade English and become Adviser to the Redbird Annual Yearbook class. I have been teaching at Frankfort Community High School for the past 9 years, and I am very happy to be here and proud of our school.

I became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2006, and earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Rockford College in 2007. I am currently working towards a Masters in English Studies at SIU-Carbondale.

This year, I will be teaching JALC Dual-Credit English 101 and 102, Senior English IV, Sophomore English II, and Redbird Annual.  

I am really looking forward to working with you to enrich your educational opportunities by improving your reading, writing and communication skills. Some of the biggest indicators for success after high school are the abilities to read, write and speak properly. These classes are structured around the federal College and Career Readiness Standards, which emphasize “building a bridge” between skills learned in high school and those needed for college and/or careers. I am very passionate about helping you develop critical thinking skills, which not only increase your knowledge base, but are also applicable outside of the classroom. I am committed to your education, and I expect the same level of commitment from you. I am very approachable, and would much rather problem-solve alongside you, rather than frustrate you or simply give you the answer. It is my philosophy that good classrooms are founded on good communication, mutual respect between the students and the teacher, and respect for other each other. In my classroom, I want you to feel the freedom to take chances, make choices and take responsibility. As seniors, you are preparing to embark upon your own journey, and I want you to leave FCHS with all the tools given to you by your teachers throughout your educational career. As sophomores, it is important for you to develop the skills you need to progress to the next level. Let’s buckle down and work hard together, and make this your best year yet!